Detektor pokreta Satel GREY Plus

Šifra artikla: ST-345

Detektor pokreta Satel GREY Plus. Dualni MW + IR . Digitalna obrada signala. Najmanji mikrovalni detektor na svijetu sa anti masking funkcijom. U ovaj model ugrađene su sve dostupne napredne tehnologije koje ga čine pravim izborom za one koji žele najbolje.Nosač u kompletu.

57,73  (434,97 kn)

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Compact dual technology PIR+MW detector with MW antimask

Dual technology motion detector that combines PIR technology with microwave detection is suitable for protection of rooms with sub-optimal environmental conditions where drafts or intensive convection may occur. The use of new microwave sensor operating and 24GHz frequency, together with 0402 SMD technology allowed to design a dual technology device that fits into a typical PIR enclosure. This makes GREY a great choice for protection of rooms with a fireplace or hot-air heating systems, where the appearance of the installation components is of the same importance as their reliability.

  • dual detection technology PIR+microwave that ensures reliability even in harsh conditions,
  • microwave antimask feature
  • ambient temperature compensation,
  • remote test mode and alarm memory features,
  • „PET immunity” option
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - certificate
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Grade 2 Certifikat

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