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DVB-T/T2 Antenna TELMOR Digit Activa (white)

Šifra artikla: ANT-402

DVB-T/T2 Antenna TELMOR Digit Activa (white). Antena za brod ili kamp prikolicu i slično. Ugrađeno DGITActiva pojačalo 18 dB.. Vodootporna.Ugrađen GSM filter. Jednostavna ugradnja bez upotrebe alata.

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The Digit Activa A6080 DVB-T/T2 antenna has been designed to receive DVB-T signals in VHF (174-230 MHz) and UHF (470-790 MHz) bands. The built-in amplifier increases signal levels only in the UHF band. The compact antenna can be used in areas with decent signal levels. It can be mounted (in horizontal position) on roofs, walls, balconies, as well as on camping trailers/caravans.
The antenna can be mounted (in horizontal position) on roofs, walls, balconies, as well as on camping trailers/caravans.
Very low standing wave ratio (SWR≤2.2) shows very good impedance matching of the antenna.
Weather-resistant housing of the antenna made of high quality ABS plastic ensures low weight and guarantees long life of the device.
Distinguishing features
  • Designed for receiving DVB-T/T2 broadcasts
  • Built-in DIGITactiva amplifier
  • Strong attenuation of GSM signals,
  • SWR≤2.2,
  • Weather-resistant
  • Simple installation without any tools
The built-in amplifier can be powered directly from the input of a DVB-T/T2 tuner/receiver (5 VDC) or, if not possible, from the included power supply.
For indoor use we recommend the A6030 antenna.
Below we present results of measurements of DIGIT antenna without amplifier – gain, directional characteristics and polar plot. In the case of the Digit Activa A6080 antenna, it is necessary to add the gain of the built-in amplifier (18 dB +/-4 dB).
Antenna gain in UHF band as the function of frequency
Directional characteristics
Polar plot
Name DIGITactiva
Code A6080
Frequency range UHF 470-862 MHz
VHF 174-230 MHz
Polarization (UHF) Horizontal (H)
Gain in UHF band 18 ± 4 dB
Gain in VHF band 0 dB
Standing wave ratio (SWR) ≤2.2
Noise figure 2 dB
Max output level (two TV multiplexes) 103 dBμV
H beamwidth (3 dB) 75º
V beamwidth (3 dB) 130º
Front/back ratio > 15 dB
Power 5…24 VDC (or 12 VDC from the included PSU)
Current consumption 45 mA / 12 VDC
Mast diameter range 25…45 mm
Weight 0.8 kg

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