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The Armac 1500F Home series UPS has been designed to meet the expectations of home users during normal applications. At the production stage, the manufacturer guaranteed the accuracy and precision of workmanship, which translates into the general safety of the UPS and its reliable operation.

The device provides fully comprehensive protection and high performance while maintaining a small size and affordable price, meeting the requirements of a foreign market.
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) – A safe choice for your home

Nobody likes situations in which suddenly there is no electricity. For example, while watching a long-awaited movie with your loved ones, listening to our favorite music or working on important documents. These types of power problems usually occur when you least expect it.

Until now, one of the solutions was waiting for the restoration of power and accepting a significant reduction in the quality of life. An acceptable solution is also the purchase of a UPS – an emergency power system, which is designed to keep our devices working in the event of a power failure. However, many solutions of this type are underdeveloped, inefficient and simply do not meet the expectations placed on them. None of the home users would like to invest in expensive and noisy solutions with high operating costs.

Taking into account the expectations of home users, Armac has created UPS solutions tailored to the needs and pockets. The right combination of innovation, efficiency and functionality allowed to create devices meeting the expectations while maintaining an affordable price.

The Armac UPS is a product aimed at all people who expect power supply of important devices such as:

– TVs, PCs, game consoles, CD / DVD players,
– Chargers for phones, smartphones, nootebooks, tablets,
– Switches, routers, repeaters , extenders, VoIP phones,
– Home speakers & Hi-Fi, cameras, digital cameras,
– NAS servers, network storage devices.
Longer backup time

Many users have different requirements for uninterruptible power supply devices regarding battery capacity and the range of their power. That is why Armac offers two variants of the number of batteries in the UPS offer, regardless of the model and series.

In the standard 650 VA – 850 VA Home and Office models 1 battery was used, and in the 1000 VA – 1500 VA models 2 batteries were installed, which translates into a noticeable longer load backup time, ranging from 26% to even 37% (depending on the used load and UPS capacity).

Thanks to the introduction of an additional variant of UPSs with more batteries in the event of a power failure, you do not have to worry (compared to users with UPSs with lower powers) about the ending backup time during battery mode. Without rush, you can finish listening to your favorite song, save your work or important project safely and safely on your computer or laptop, rip data from a CD / DVD or NAS, or finish a phone call or exciting gameplay.

Longer time, greater freedom and comfort of work while using the equipment in the UPS battery mode is within reach – all you need to do is choose an uninterruptible power supply system with more power.
Microprocessor control – high performance and monitoring of sensitive devices

Armac UPS protects your devices against damage in the first place during sudden power failure.

A specially built-in processor that controls the parameters of the device itself, its correct operation and the supply of connected loads is responsible for the correct operation of the entire process of the emergency power supply system.

The use of the appropriate technology of integrated CPU control allows for immediate reaction of the device by correcting low or high voltages, spikes, power outages, surges, overloads of the UPS and protects the battery against complete discharge. Additionally, this technology eliminates other network anomalies that may occur when using the electric network.

The technology used in the Armac UPS also ensures automatic battery charging in the Stand-By UPS mode and automatic start-up after the mains power returns (the battery is discharged), thanks to which the device provides constant comfort to users through constant, clean, safe power supply to all connected loads regardless the current operating mode.

Armac UPS safety – overload protection

Each Armac emergency power supply system is equipped with an overload protection module that protects the device itself from possible damage caused by excessive demand generated by the loads.

When the UPS is overloaded (the “Overload” LED is blinking and the device beeps continuously) during its normal operation, and the overload problem has not been resolved by the user within about 10 seconds, the UPS will automatically safely terminate powering the devices connected to it .

If the sum of the connected loads does not exceed the permitted power, turn on the UPS again by pressing the button, which will correctly supply all loads connected to it.

Thanks to the protection module, home users do not have to worry about a possible overload of the UPS, which increases the safety and comfort of using the Armac emergency power system.
Safe internet and telephone – RJ-11 / RJ-45 surge protection

More and more users use additional protections between the power socket and the target equipment, indirectly guaranteeing themselves protection against damage. Unfortunately, many people forget about the consequences of omitting additional protection of other communication ports that are used on a daily basis, e.g. RJ-11 plug for modems or RJ-45 for network cards.

Users should remember about overvoltages due to anomalies occurring not only in the electrical network, but also in the ICT network – unfortunately many people forget about it. By using the solutions offered by UPS Armac, the user can be calm and not worry about surges.

Each UPS is additionally equipped with 2 RJ-11 / RJ-45 ports, which provide overvoltage protection for the telephone line and ICT cabling. Thanks to this protection, if any overvoltages or voltage surges occur on the network, the UPS will immediately detect them and correct them, so that a stable, safe signal is always transmitted to your devices connected with a teleinformatic cable.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer – AVR

Armac offers improved UPS performance through the use of Automatic Voltage Regulator functionality. Thanks to AVR, the classic Line-Interactive topology power supply solution is improved due to the implementation of a network autotransformer, which regulates the voltage transmitted to devices connected to the UPS on an ongoing basis.

* The manufacturer, bearing in mind the care and maintenance of the highest standards, implemented additional protection to eliminate extreme voltage fluctuations. If they occur (145 V <or> 290 V) – the UPS will switch to the battery mode in the last stage, maintaining the entire supply of power to the loads while maintaining correct power parameters.

• If the voltage is about 255 V or more, the UPS will pass the mains voltage (AC) to the autotransformer (AVR), which will result in an output voltage within the allowed range from 195 V to 255 V,

• If the voltage is about 195 V or less, the UPS will pass the mains voltage (AC) to the autotransformer (AVR), which will result in an output voltage within the allowed range from 195 V to 255 V. All this ensures comfort and maintains high efficiency, and in the event of a continuous surplus or a power deficit, the UPS has the ability to maintain the nominal voltage at the UPS output for a long time without switching to the battery mode, which allows you to save time, which should strictly be spent on the battery backup period.

Discreet in operation – mute mode

Anyone who appreciates peace and quiet would not want devices to emit undesirable sounds signaling a change in working status.

In emergency power systems, the operation of the UPS in battery mode is associated with sounds emitted every few seconds. It often happens that UPSs are placed next to televisions, computers, desks, which while working on the battery can cause dissatisfaction in the household.

Armac does not intend to disturb the peace of users. That is why all UPS models have a silent operation in battery mode. It will meet the expectations of the most demanding users who value quiet operation, regardless of the operating mode of the device.

Precision, many possibilities, functionality and design perfect for a modern home

This is how Armac UPSs can be described in a nutshell. Their features correspond to the criteria set by users. Affordable price, high performance, stability and additional possibilities. For the sake of safety and convenience of use, the UPS has been designed in a way that does not require the replacement of any parts. The characteristic parameters of the Home series UPS are:

– Rated power range: 1500 VA, 950 W,
– Output power sockets: 4, schuko (F),
– Batteries: 2 pcs, 12 V, 9 Ah,
– Wide input voltage range : 145V ~ 290V,

By diversifying the capabilities of the UPS, the manufacturer additionally equipped it with a communication port in order to provide the user with even greater control over the operation of the device and its parameterization, using dedicated software. Additional features and functionalities of the UPS are:

– LED indicators informing about the device’s operating status,
– Dedicated PowerManager II software for control and control via USB,
– Automatic start-up of the UPS after the return of the mains supply
– The “cold start” function that allows you to start UPS without utility power.


  • Length: 345 mm
  • Width: 146 mm
  • Height: 162 mm
  • Supported Operating Systems: Win. 98
    Win. 2000
    Win. XP
    Win. Vista
    Win. 7
    Win. Millenium
    Win. 8
    Win. Vista 64bit
    Win. 7 64bit
    Win. 8 64bit
    Windows 10
    Windows 10 64bit
  • Connectors: USB 2.0
  • Power: 950 W
  • Apparent power: 1500 VA
  • Input voltage: 230V
  • Input voltage range: 145 – 290V
  • Input frequency range: 50 – 50 Hz
  • Output voltage: 230V
  • Output voltage adjustment: +/- 1%
  • Output frequency: 50 Hz
  • Input frequency adjustment: +/- 5 Hz
  • Waveform (when running on battery): Modified sine wave
  • Number of batteries: 2
  • Battery charging time: 6 H
  • Output sockets: IEC C13 (10A) x1
    Schuko x4
  • Expansion Slot: No.
  • Black colour
  • Noise level: 45 dB
  • Recommended ambient temperature: 0 – 45 ° C
  • Recommended ambient humidity: 10 – 90%
  • Switching time: 10 ms
  • Software: PowerManager
  • Number of expansion slots: 0
  • Battery voltage: 12V
  • Battery weight: 4.7 kg
  • Backup time at 50% load: 10.3 min
  • Backup time at 100% load: 2 min
  • Transfer time: 2 – 6 ms
  • Battery capacity: 9 Ah
  • Output voltage range: 195 – 255 V
  • Device efficiency: 96%
  • Protection: Overload,
    short circuit protection
  • Features: Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Housing Type: Desktop
  • Production technology: VI
  • PowerFactor: 0.63
  • Weight: 10.5 kg




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