Detektor pokreta Satel SLIM LINE DUALNI IR+MW PIR PET

Šifra artikla: ST-314

Detektor pokreta Satel SLIM LINE DUAL MW+IR PIR PET. Nova napredna generacija detektora donosi super preciznu japansku optiku te vrhunski design.PET imunity.7 boja LED diode podesivo.




Reliable motion detection

A unique lens

Each detector comes with a modern lens designed and manufactured in Japan – specially for SATEL. It provides a very large detection area with dimensions up to 20 m x 24 m and 90° viewing angle.

coverage area
detection angle

Design of the lens, as well as the material of which it was made, make it exceptionally resistant to deformation.

Design of the lens

Coverage area Coverage area of the LUNA (except PET models) and PRO detectors with wide-angle lens (WD)

New motion detection algorithm

Many years of experience in the production of motion detectors and the use of the latest technologies made it possible to develop an advanced new generation algorithm of motion detection. Because of it, SLIM LINE detectors ensure reliable detection of intruders throughout the entire monitored area, without triggering unwanted alarms.

Digital temperature compensation

SLIM LINE detectors dynamically adjust the motion detection algorithm to changes in ambient temperature, so these changes do not affect the effectiveness of the detectors.

Quick lens replacement

As you can easily replace the complete front part with the lens, the SLIM LINE detectors* can be quickly and conveniently customized to suit the needs of the premises, e.g. to the shape of protected room. The wide-angle (WD) lenses are fitted as standard, but curtain (CT) and long-range (LR) lenses are also optionally available.

* except for PET detectors

DUAL – two detection
paths: PIR and MW

Dual technology detectors, in addition to the infrared (PIR) detector, are also fitted with a microwave sensor (MW), which obviously enhances their immunity to unwanted alarms caused by rapid temperature changes in the protected room or movements of air masses within the coverage area.

Creep zone protection

An integrated tilting mirror used in the LUNA* and PRO models enables effective monitoring of the so-called creep zone, i.e. the area directly under the detector.

* except for PET detectors

Signaling covering attempts

The SLIM LINE detectors in the PRO version come with the function of active anti-masking using infrared radiation. Therefore, any attempts to disable them, for example, by covering the lens with adhesive tape or spraying paint or clear varnish on it, can be signaled.

See a presentation of SLIM LINE detectors

Quick and easy installation


Practical enclosure opening / closing mechanism

You can open the enclosure with a flat tip screwdriver, while no tools are required to close it.

Opening and closing


Plug-in terminal block

The LUNA and PRO versions come with a plug-in terminal block. When removing the electronics board, you do not have to unscrew the wire terminals. It also allows you to quickly change the detector model.

Plug-in terminal block


Built-in EOL resistors

All SLIM LINE detectors have built-in end-of-line resistors designed for work with SATEL control panels (1.1 kΩ). The LUNA and PRO models are additionally provided with resistors for faster installation in systems based on other types of control panels (4.7 kΩ, 5.6 kΩ).


Adjustable wall and ceiling mounting bracket

Design of the SLIM LINE detectors allows installation directly on a flat surface. If the detector needs to be mounted at a different angle for optimal adjustment of the protected area to the room, you can use the BRACKET D mount. Thus you can adjust the detector tilt angle in two planes: up to 35° vertically and up to 90° horizontally. To meet the EN 50131 requirements for Grade 3, the PRO model bracket is provided with a tamper switch.

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