Vanjski detektor pokreta “zavjesa” SATEL AGATE MW+IR

Šifra artikla: ST-378

Vanjski detektor pokreta TIP “ZAVJESA ”  SATEL AGATE MW+IR. Uski kut 10 stupnjeva.Domet do 14 metara. Idealan za pokrivanje prostora uz zidove, ograde i slično te unutarnje prostore hala.





Czujki kurtynowe - AGATE

Detector applications in
residential, business and industrial buildings:

  • protection of building along its outer wall
  • protection along the property fence
  • protection of entrance gate or garage door
  • outdoor and indoor protection of balcony / terrace / ordinary windows
  • detection of entry into protected zone
  • protection allowing for passage of pets

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The compact and slim enclosures of the AGATE and AOCD-250 curtain detectors contain advanced technological solutions which enable a virtual wall to be created both outside of the protected buildings as well as in their interiors. The first of them is a wired device, so it can be part of any security alarm system. The other one is a wireless detector, designed to work as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system.

Detector construction

tamper switch24 GHz microwave sensoractive IR anti-maskingmanual sensitivity controlPIR sensor
Czujki kurtynowe - obudowa

Enclosures of the detectors are made of a combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer using two-component injection technology. The thus obtained design is IP54 rated, which makes the detectors suitable for outdoor applications as well.

The enclosure also contains elements which increase resistance of the device to mechanical impact. They include e.g. a special recess for the lens to protect it from being forced in, either accidentally or intentionally. Dual tamper protection against opening the enclosure and prying the device away from the wall is also applied. The protection is implemented using a contact on the electronics board and a tamper element on the back panel of the detector enclosure.

AGATE and AOCD-250 are provided with two detection circuits, infrared and microware, whose sensitivity can be independently and smoothly controlled. Thus, they can be adjusted both to the function performed by the device, as well as to the characteristics of the protected premises and its users’ needs.

The detectors have a detection angle of 10° and an operating range of 14 m. At that distance, the emitted beam has a width of approx. 1 m.

Czujki kurtynowe - zasięgi

Resistance to adverse weather conditions and temperature changes

The dual technology of detection combined with the detector algorithm of auto-tuning to environmental conditions provides high immunity of these devices to false alarms. Therefore, they offer stable operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, fog, intense insolation and strong gusts of air. Additionally, the devices feature high mechanical strength and resistance to UV radiation, hence their appearance remains unchanged for many years.

Czujki kurtynowe - kompensacja temperatury

The curtain detectors offer correct operation in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +55°C. Ambient temperature changes are automatically compensated.

Easy installation

For standard applications, we recommend installing the detector at a height of 2.4 m, with the lens facing down. This height may be different, however, if the device is to be used e.g. for protection of a window or gate.

The detector can be installed either directly on a flat surface or using a dedicated bracket that allows installation of the device at a constant angle of 90°. The second option is especially useful when securing a portion of the building wall with many windows. When installing the detector inside the building, you can also use other brackets offered by SATEL.

Czujki kurtynowe - montaz
Czujki kurtynowe - praca wewnątrz

The detector can also be used to detect an entry into the protected zone which is not secured in any other way (e.g. separated by a wall, closed doors, etc.). Alternatively, the device can be installed low and, additionally, turned. Such a solution will provide protection and, at the same time, create a gap to allow, for example, a small dog to freely move around.



AGATE - cechy

Design of the AGATE detector meets the EN 50131-2-4 standard requirements for Grade 3. Therefore, the device can be used to secure the premises particularly vulnerable to burglary, which require a high degree of protection, including the jewelry shops and interiors of public buildings.

According to EN 50131-2-4, active anti-masking function is implemented in the AGATE detector infrared circuit, which provides advanced protection against, for example:

covering with fixed obstacles, including those that poorly reflect light like black and matt
covering with sticky transparent material, e.g. a film or adhesive tape
painting over with masking material, like paint or clear varnish, using retroreflective technology.

With the active IR anti-masking function, all attempts to tamper with the device will be detected immediately, appropriate information being passed to the control panel. Depending on the system configuration, notification of the situation may be sent to the user, installer, security agency or a relevant department, e.g. police.

The AGATE detector lens is secured by a retro reflector of transparent polycarbonate. Any attempt to cover it with masking material will change the refraction angle of IR rays, which will be immediately detected and signaled by the detector.



AOCD-250 - cechy

AOCD-250 - wnętrze

AOCD-250 is a curtain detector designed to work as part of the ABAX two-way wireless system. It is supported by the ACU-120 and ACU-270 controllers, ARU-100 radio signal repeater and INTEGRA 128-WRL control panel. Owing to its efficient energy management, the detector can work up to 3 years without having to replace the battery. Importantly, the battery status is continuously monitored and, on detecting low voltage, the detector will sent appropriate information to the control panel.

Summary of features and characteristics

Two detection circuits: PIR+MW + +
Active IR anti-masking implemented in indoor applications +
Splash-proof enclosure, IP54 rated + +
Tamper protection (against opening and removal) + +
Reinforced polycarbonate enclosure + +
Digital temperature compensation for correct detector operation in temperature range from -40°C to +55°C + +
Tri-color LED + +
Working as part of ABAX wireless system +
Can work in adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, strong wind) + +
Auto-tuning algorithm for high immunity to false alarms + +
Configuration of detection circuit sensitivity by using PCB potentiometers +
Remote configuration of detection circuit sensitivity from DLOADX program +
Optional increasing of the beams density by mounting the AOCD-CL cover with the Fresnel lens + +
Low current consumption + +
Dedicated angle-type bracket (90°) + +
Optional installation without any additional bracket + +

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