Stup antenski 2m pocinčan, Interlocking C sustav.

Šifra artikla: NOS-094

Stup antenski 2 m vruče pocinčan, Interlocking C sustav za nastavljanje cijevi , moguća kombinacija 1,5+1,5,2+1,5 i 2+2m, 2+2+2.





The 1.5 meter long hot-dip galvanized steel antenna mast is made of 38 mm diameter pipe with a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. The galvanizing process ensures durability and resistance to corrosion while maintaining an aesthetic appearance. A plastic plug is installed on the underside of the mast.
The galvanizing process ensures that all surfaces and edges are evenly covered with a protective coating. In addition, after the galvanizing process itself, the coating undergoes a sealing and passivization process. The whole provides very good protection against the effects of atmospheric agents.
Connecting masts into a single permanent whole

38mm/1.0 m hot-dip galvanized steel antenna mast that can be combined /system A/

Special embossments at the tip make it possible to connect elements.
The mast has been designed in such a way that it can be combined into a larger whole. Thanks to special embossing at the ends of the mast, it is possible to join the elements using a 9 cm long groove system by knocking in another segment in such a way that the embossing overlaps. Once joined, it is not possible to disconnect the segments.
Being able to join masts together is particularly important because:
  • it enables cheap and easy shipment (delivering a long mast is often very expensive or impossible),
  • shorter elements are much easier to transport by car and take up to the roof,
  • it makes it possible to adjust mast height to specific needs.
The maximum height of the composite mast depends on:
  • the selected safety coefficient,
  • the weight and surface area (wind resistance) of suspended elements,
  • the antenna arrangement (larger antennas should be placed at the bottom),
  • the type and rigidity of the wall/chimney clamp,
Example of a joint between two poles 1.5 m and 1 m in length.

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