Komplet DVB-T2 pojačalo + Napajanje Edision MAK-100

Šifra artikla: POJ-116

Komplet pojačalo + napajanje  MAK 100. Pojačalo 1X UHF , regulacacija pojačanja do 25 dB. Ugrađen 5G Filter. Napajanje sa izlazom za TV aparata.




The EDISION MAST AMPLIFIER KIT ΜAK-100 5G 1UHF +PSU 24V, is a SET of a mast-type amplifier and its power supply unit, both compatible for Digital Terrestrial TV antenna installations and consists of:

A Mast-type amplifier for Digital Terrestrial channels, with 1 signal input with its own gain control switch, for the appropriate selection by the technician. It provides the option of connecting 1 UHF antenna and it has a 5G LTE interference cut-off filter. Its circuit is contained in a fully metal shell, for protection against electromagnetic interference. This unit is inside a box made of synthetic material, in free tilt, for easy access to the wiring connections. It can also be removed to facilitate the technician but also to guarantee the best possible installation and connection, with quality performance in time.

A power supply unit for mast amplifiers that operate with 24Vdc through coaxial cable. It provides 2 outputs with F-type plugs for connection to the coaxial distribution to TVs, while it powers the mast amplifier with current 24Vdc 200mA. The power supply unit, in white color, comes in extra compact dimensions and it can be installed easily and discreetly, at a point selected by the technician. It features LED indication for correct operation and inside the package it has installation materials, for ease of application.

Technical features AMP-10:
– Mast Amplifier for Digital Terrestrial TV channels, with 5G LTE interference cutoff
– For OUTDOOR or INDOOR installation
– Installation options: pole/mast or wall mounting
– Frequency Range UHF: 470-694 Mhz
– Protection from 5G LTE interference: YES
– 5G LTE interference rejection: <20dB
– Input ports: 1 UHF
– Output ports: 1 for connection to compatible Mast Amplifier PSU (e.g. EDISION PSU-2402)
– Maximum Output Level: 107 dB΅V
– Individual trimmer switch, for adjusting the gain of each input
– Adjustable gain UHF: 10 up to 25 dB
– Noise Figure: 4 dB
– Impedance: 75 Ohm
– Connections: Type-F plugs, female
– Powering: 24V DC
– Consumption: 60 mA
– Dimensions with Installation box (W x H x D): 78x85x42 mm
– Weight: 0,12 kg
– Installation box color: Blue
– Packing: High Quality colored giftbox with hanging port
– Warranty: 2 years

Technical features PSU-2402:
– Power supply unit for mast amplifiers that operate with 24Vdc through coaxial cable
– For INDOOR use only
– Installation on horizontal or vertical surface, by using the 2 installation points
– Frequency Range: 5-862 Mhz
– Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz with 2ΡΙΝ EU plug
– Output: DC 24V 200mA
– Connections: Type-F plugs, female
– Input ports RF: 1 ANT for connection to the output of the mast amplifier, provides 24Vdc.
– Outputs ports RF: 2 TV
– Through loss: 4.5 dB
– Operating Temperature: 0°C … +50°C
– Storage Temperature: -20°C … +70°C
– Humidity Range: 10% … 85% RH, non-condensing
– Dimensions (W x H x D): 57x80x33 mm
– Weight: 0,14 kg
– Color: white
– Packing: High Quality colored giftbox with hanging port
– Warranty: 2 years

Package includes:
– Mast Amplifier AMP-10
– Installation outdoor box
– Mast Amplifier Power Supply PSU-2402
– Tie-wrap
– Plastic screwdriver for adjustments
– 2 sets of upat and mounting screws

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