Zemaljska YAGI antena Triplex Dipol Tridigit Mini

Šifra artikla: ANT-082

Zemaljska YAGI antena Triplex Dipol Tridigit Mini. Materijal : ALU. Dobit 14 dB.Odlična otpornot na vjetar. Ugrađen filter LTE 4G i 5G .


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Dipol 17 Tri-Digit MINI A2550 is a directional UHF antenna optimized for reception of digital terrestrial DVB-T/T2 television. Its 14 dBi gain may be sufficient even in the case of distant transmitters . The antenna comes standard with a 75 ohm balun. Due to its compact dimensions, the antenna can be mounted e.g. on a balcony. Additionally, the reduced size also minimizes adverse effects of the weather (strong winds etc). The main components of the antenna are made of aluminum.

ame UHF TV Antenna: Dipol 17/21-48 Tri-Digit MINI
Code A2550
Gain [dBi] 14 dBi
TV channels 21-48
Front/back ratio [dB] 20-24
Polarization H. V (rotated by 90°)
Number of elements 17
Impedance [Ω] 75
Packaging cardboard box
Weight [kg] 0.86

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