Šifra artikla: SOS-130

SOS SUSTAV PRIJEMNIK / DISPLAY FALKE SOS DSP 5000 PRO . DOT MATRIX alfanumerički ekran.Upisivanje teksta putem PC programa. Software za spajanje na računalo te praćenje poziva i putem programa.  Mogućnost učitavanja do 400 uređaja. Memorija zadnjih 10 poziva.12 tipova melodije upozorenja ili engleski jezik.
U stand-by modu ima prikaz sata i datuma.Podešvanje glasnoće. Istovremeni prikaz zadnja 3 poziva.Mogućnost 4 grupe poziva. Spajanje na repeater putem LAN sučelja.Spajanje na računalo putem LAN sučelja.


Tehničke karakteristike


Radni napon: 12V DC            

Radna frekvencija:  433/315Mhz±75k   

Ugrađeni zvučnik :  : 2 W                     

Osjetljivost :<5u106dB

Radna temperaura : -40℃-80℃      

Relativna vlaga : ≤80%

The Falke SOS  call system buttons usually activate numeric messages and alarm lamps. However, with the DSP 7000 two-line board, each button can display a specific password .

In the hospital, the signals may relate to the rooms from which they were sent, such as “room 1”, “bathroom 5”, or even “head physician” if staff needs to be gathered. Thanks to this, you don’t have to write additional order lists where each number would have an explanation.

In a restaurant or other larger premises, where the wireless call system serves a different category of places, some passwords may refer to tables, some to service messages. It will also help to improve supplies.

Hotels , thanks to 400 free programming spaces, can install wireless paging buttons in every room, even a sauna or solarium, and each signal will indicate a unique location.

The applications of the DSP 7000 array, as well as the entire Falke SOS call system, are multiplying with the development of individual industries, where you often have to send an identical, simple message .

This can improve communication regarding recalling staff or personnel, but also outsource tasks , depending on your needs, that are a permanent part of a certain organizational process.

Importantly, the readability of the display from 40 meters means that the staff of a large object can make decisions when passing near the board, while hospital staff will respond to an alarm from the patient at least a few seconds faster .

If we add 12 types of sound to this , we will receive notifications that can be initially recognized even from around the corner.

All features in a friendly form:

  • Screen with 2 lines – detail of messages with more characters.
  • Versatility – text commands can contain letters, numbers and special characters.
    12 types of notification sounds (with adjustable volume) – enables initial acoustic diagnosis of a call.
  • Memory for 400 buttons – comprehensive service for larger objects.
  • Communication with a computer – after connecting statistics can be followed. The number and characteristics of calls at specific times, and even response time.
  • Map of wireless buttons – can be programmed in such a way that the use of each of them will not only display the message, but also show its location. This will certainly be appreciated by the young part of the staff who are just getting acquainted with the floor plan.
  • Group delete key – after programming, you will be able to delete signals from the paging buttons in a specific room with one press. If, for example, there are places in the nursing home where there are more than one buttons, then instead of just looking for the one used, the call is deleted in groups.
  • Readability from 40 meters – strong LEDs were used specifically to speed up response time to calls.
  • The speed of implementation within the Kaler system – limited to hanging the wireless device and programming it (with the help of affordable software on the CD)
  • Ease of use – as the central part of the paging system, the DSP 97000 PRO  board receives all signals via radio. Once programmed, it will permanently improve the operation of the hospital (as well as a social welfare home, cafe, restaurant, hotel, factory, self-service market, …).

Prepared in the form of a comprehensive set:

  • Wireless LED Board
  • Easy to use programming remote control
  • Power Supply
  • Software CD

Technical specifications:

  • Sensitivity: 116dB ,
  • supply voltage – DC 12V ,
  • power consumption – 1.5A ,
  • operating frequency – 433MHz ,


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