INTERKOM FALKE AUDIOTECHNIK INT-7000 Prijemnik i predajnik komplet

Šifra artikla: GENWAY-010

INTERKOM FALKE AUDIOTECHNIK INT-7000 Prijemnik i predajnik komplet.

82,95  (624,99 kn)



Intercom box office this device to ensure adequate communication between the cashier (person in charge), and the position of the customer separated glass.

Intercom cash is used in:

  • banks
  • pharmacies (protection against direct contact with a sick person)
  • stations
  • night stores
  • windows of feeding.

The main stations with intercom voice call quality and have a conversation without the use of hands from a distance. Intercom station is made of an aluminum alloy. It has good acoustic performance, ergonomic design and easy operation. The microphone is mounted on the cashier called. “Goose neck” – a flexible arm, which ensures comfort.

Technical data:

  • two independent audio (s)
  • infinitely adjustable volume (common to both paths)
  • microphone on a stand
  • output for recording conversations
  • acoustic power: 4W speaker ext. (Device cashier), 1W external speaker. (The client device)
  • black colour
  • temperature range from -35 to 60 degrees Celsius
  • current consumption during operation: 3,6W
  • voltage: 230V / 05A
  • AC 12V / DC.

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