Bežična adresabilna vatrodojavna centrala Unipos VT 1

Šifra artikla: N/A

Bežična adresabilna vatrodojana centrala prima do 32 bežična detektora u do 15 zona.
Podržane norme ЕN 54-2/4 i EN 54-25.


Basic functional characteristics:
– Setting up of the operating modes and parameters of fire detectors, communication controllers and outputs through a built-in keyboard.
– Control for removed fire detector from its base, battery status.
– Control over the level of radio signal of the devices.
– Option for changing parameters of the fire detectors.
– LCD display for visualization of the operating modes of the system.
– LED indication for signalization of emergency and extreme situations in the zones and within the whole system.
– Non-volatile archive memory, saving up to 4096 events, indicating the time and the type of the event, and allowing a perfect analysis of the actions of authorized personnel and the possible problems in the process of fire safety of the premise.
– User friendly test modes for all the system components, providing a total control over the condition of the protected premise.
– Test and choice of 16 different channels to establish radio connection.
– Automatic restoration in fault condition, after the reason, that caused the fault has been removed.
– Built-in serial interface RS232/RS485 for connection with personal computer or other external devices.
– Compatible to different ways of installation designs, within the range of the control panel’s resources.

Technical data

Maximum number of devices/zones: 32/15

Radio network parameters
– Frequency: 2,4 GHz
– Maximum number of devices included in the network: 32
– Maximum number of routers included in the network: 6
– Maximum number of devices connected directly to the Control Panel: 20
– Maximum number of fire detectors connected to the router: 14
– Maximum number of retransmissions of messages through the router: 5

Controllable outputs: 2 pcs
– Type: potential, relay
– Electrical features: (24±5)V DC/1 A

Relay output for fire condition: 1 pc
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical features: 3A/125V AC; 3A/30V DC

Relay output for fault condition: 1 pc
– Type: potential-free, switching
– Electrical features: 3A/125V AC; 3A/30V DC

Indication of the registered events: LED
– Light indication: crystal-liquid display
– Text messages: 4 lines, 20 characters per line, cyrillic, back-lit
– Sound: built-in sounder

Power supply

Mains supply
– Voltage: 220/230V
– Frequency: 50 Hz

Backup (battery) supply
– Battery type: lead, gel electrolyte
– Number of the batteries: 2 pcs
– Connection: serial connection
– Nominal voltage of the connected back up batteries: 24V DC
– Nominal capacity С20: (1,2-4,5) Ah
– Terminal discharge voltage: 17,6V
– Charge voltage: 28V
– Consumption on the back up battery supply: <180mA at 24V Overall dimensions: 313х218х85 mm Weight (excluding the back up batteries) not more than: 1,440 kg

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