Bežični adresabilni kombinirani optičko-termički detektor VIT 60

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Bežični adresabilni kombinirani optičko-termički detektor dima Unipos VIT 60


Product Description

The fire detector provides a reliable early warning of a fire condition, responding to fixed threshold smoke concentration or rate of rise of the temperature, or fixed temperature threshold detected in the protected premises. It combines the advantages of a type VIT30 and a type VIT20 and it is an attractive option due to decreased expenses for supply and installation. The temperature class (A1R, A2R) and the smoke sensitivity (low, middle or high) are programmable by the fire control panel VIT01 and they are in accordance with the European standard EN54-5 and EN54-7.

The principal of functioning of its thermal part is based on the ohmic resistance alteration in the thermistors as a result of the ambient temperature change.

The principal, of the optical chamber operation, is based on the dispersion of infrared rays from the smoke particles, trapped in the optical chamber.

Technical data

Supply voltage: (3.2-3.6)V DC
Backup power supply: (3.0-3.2)V DC
Current consumption in transmitting: 45 mA
Current consumption in receiving: 55 mA
Average consumption in ”Duty” Mode: 80 µA
Response time: 30 sec.
Temperature class: programmable P – A1R or A2R in compliance with EN54-5:2000
Sensitivity: average (middle) or 20% higher (high) according to EN 54-7 or 20% lower (low)
Protected area: circle with diameter up to 8 m
Height of mounting: up to 3.5 m (according to EN54)
Degree of protection: IP40
Operating temperature range: minus 10оС up to 55оC
Relative humidity resistance (no condensation): ≤ 95%
Overall dimensions, including the base: Ø100 mm, h 52 mm
Weight (including the base and the battery): 0.125 kg

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