Adresabilna vatrodojavna centrala Satel ACSP-402

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Adresabilna vatrodojavna centrala Satel ACSP-402. 2 zatvorene petlje ili 4 radijalne petlje. Do 256 detektora podrška. .256 zona. 32 Grupe. Podrška za repeater panel .Podrška za printer.Podrška za IP modul. WEB i Mobilna aplikacija. Menu na hrvatskome jeziku.APP na HR jeziku. Podrška za dojavu na CD i vatrogasnu postrojbu.Podrška za dodatni battery pack.



Fire alarm control panel

The ACSP-402 fire alarm control panel is designed to:

  • monitor operation of automatic and manual call points,
  • control sirens,
  • control devices used to transmit fire alarms and failure signals
  • control the operation of fire protection devices or systems,
  • monitor the operation of fire protection devices or systems,
  • monitor the operation of other external devices,
  • control other external devices

These features make it possible to detect a fire at its earlies stage and alert the users of the building with acoustic and/or optical signals as well as notify relevant services. This in turn allows one to quickly commence fire-fighting activities. The control panel can also automatically activate fire protection devices.


System structure

  • support for up to 256 zones
  • support for up to 32 groups
  • possibility to create interlinks between zones, sub-zones and groups
  • support for up to 256 call points (detectors / MCPs)
  • support for addressable detection circuits of the following types:
    • loop (up to 2 circuits)
    • radial line (up to 4 circuits)
    • loop with a side line / side lines
  • support for a printer
  • extensive functions for testing the control panel and system


  • 4 programmable inputs on the control panel mainboard (NO, NC)
  • monitoring of external devices status, e.g. for reporting fire alarms and failures


  • 2 control outputs for conventional sirens
  • control output for fire alarm transmission devices
  • control output for fault signal transmission devices
  • 8 programmable relay outputs
    • control of external devices
    • output for controlling automatic fire protection equipment
  • 24 V DC power supply output
  • dedicated power supply output for ACSP-ETH and ACSP-RSI modules
  • signal delay at outputs

RS-485 communication buses

  • 2 bus ports for connecting
    • APSP-402 repeater panel
    • ACSP-ETH module (for extending the control panel with an Ethernet port)
    • ACSP-RSI module (for opto-isolation of the bus and connection of a printer)

E-mail notification (requires connecting the ACSP-ETH module)

  • 4 addresses for notification
  • selection of event types for notification
  • periodic diagnostic reports

Setting up

  • setting up with keys on the front panel of the control panel
  • free ACSP Soft programme for configuring the control panel (USB port)

Event memory

  • non-volatile memory for up to 9999 fire alarms
  • non-volatile memory for 8999 events (including fire alarms)

Control panel mainboard module

  • LEDs for signalling the status of the control panel and external devices
  • LCD display for:
    • setting up the control panel
    • presenting information about fire alarm
    • presenting information about disablement, test or failure conditions
    • viewing the list of current disablement, test or failure conditions
    • viewing the history of alarms and other events
  • USB port to connect a computer
  • power supply connection
  • battery connection
  • built-in piezo transducer for acoustic signalling
  • real-time clock with battery back-up power

Power supply

  • switching mode power supply APS-318 with short circuit protection
  • automatic switching to back-up power supply (battery) in case of failure of the main power supply
  • battery charging circuit with temperature-compensated charging voltage
  • monitoring of the battery status and disconnection of a flat battery

Virtual APSP


Application enabling the remote preview of the ACSP fire alarm system status

The Virtual APSP application enables the remote preview of the fire alarm system status using a mobile device or a computer. It is available for Android, iOS, Linux and Windows operating systems. The communication between ACSP-402 control panel (with ACSP-ETH module connected) and application is encrypted.

  • remote preview of the ACSP system status
  • preview of:
    • information about alarms, faults and disables
    • alarms and other events history
    • list of current faults, disables and tests
  • audible alarm signaling
  • possibility to activate the function of sending a diagnostic report in the control panel


Configuration software for the ACSP addressable fire alarm control panel

The ACSP Soft program allows the configuration and diagnostics of the ACSP fire alarm system based on the ACSP-402 control panel. Configuration of the system is possible once level 3 access to the control panel has been obtained.

  • compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11
  • possibility to program ACSP-402 control panel and other system devices
  • identification and verification of devices in the system
  • possibility to prepare a setup file for the control panel in advance (off-line)
  • graphic mapping of the system structure
  • editing of names of individual loop devices, zones, inputs and relay outputs
  • editing of the message displayed on the LCD screen during supervision
  • readout of the system events memory
  • alarm memory readout
  • option to export the readouts of the event memory and alarm memory to a CSV file
  • direct connection to a computer via a control panel USB port
  • option to generate system test reports
  • option to export the setup information to a file, e.g. PDF


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