Unipos ulazno-izlazni modul 1in/1out FD 7203-1

> Šifra artikla: UN-900

Unipos adresabilni ulazno-izlazni modul. 1ulaz / 1 Izlaz u kučištu.
Sa ugrađenim izlotorom petlje.


he Input-Output device FD7203 is designated to produce and send an electrical signal to various devices in case of occurred events and recording external impacts, typical for a fire condition events. The device is compatible with addressable fire control panels IFS7002, supplementing the possibilities of the addressable systems of series IFS7000.

Теchnical Data

Addressable loop:
– Supply voltage: (15÷30)V DC
– Current consumption in duty mode: < 350µA – Current consumption in alarm state: (2±1)mA Input: 1 pc. – “Fault condition” – interruption: Rline>25kΩ
– “Fault condition” – short circuit: Rline≤2,2kΩ
– “Duty mode” range: 5,7kΩ≤Rline<15kΩ
– “Activated input” range: 2,2kΩ<Rline<5,7kΩ
– “Activated input”-input does not check for short circuit: 0kΩ<Rline<5,7kΩ

Output: (depending on the configuration and the power supply Relay or Controllable): 1 pc.

– Type: potential free, switching functions
– Electrical specifications: 30VDC /1A, 125VAC/0,5A
– Type: potential
– Electrical specification: (12÷30)V DC
– Peak activation current: 1A

Operating temperature range: from minus 5°С to 40°С
Relative humidity resistance (no condensation): ≤ 95%
Dimensions: 92x50x26 mm
Weight: 0.082 kg

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