PoE Prenaponska zašitita ATTE

Šifra artikla: POE-010

PoE Prenaponska zašitita ATTE.




A limiter designed to protect devices connected to the Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mb/s network, including devices powered by PoE.

The device operates without grounding connected, limiting the overvoltage between the wires, connecting the ground allows the discharge of the load to the ground which increases the effectiveness. The module lowers the voltage to a safe level, reducing the number of failures, requires no power supply and does not interfere with data transmission. The limiter can be a security element for CCTV IP systems, ETHERNET wired network, wireless WiFi network devices, etc.

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Sockets type: 1 x RJ-45 (8-pin, 4 pairs)
Voltage protection level (line-line): 8 V
Voltage protection level for power (line-line): 65 V PoE
Voltage protection level line-PG: 400 V
Maximal discharge current (line-line): 30 A
Maximal discharge current (line-PG): 30 A
Weight: 0.015 kg
Dimensions: 20  x 48  x 17 mm
Manufacturer / Brand: ATTE

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