Alarmna centrala Satel Perfecta IP 32 WIRELLES . Ugrađen IP komunikator.

Šifra artikla: ST-137

Alarmna centrala Satel Perfecta IP 32. 8 žičnih Zona on board proširivo do 32. Ugrađen Wirelles modul za spajnaje bežičnih detektora i sirena.Ugrađen IP  komunikator. U kompletu sa kučištem( bez trafoa) Mobilna aplikacija Perfecta control.





simplicity and modernity

  • voice messages
  • expanders
  • wireless expansion
  • GSM/GPRS communication
  • remote firmware upgrade
  • PUSH messages
  • operation via mobile application
  • control via SMS
  • remote programming
  • connection setup service

System structure

The control panel design enables you to build a traditional wired system with all the functionality needed in small and medium-sized facilities. Both zone expanders and output expanders can be connected to the control panel, thus increasing the number of supported devices. It’s a simple and reliable way to quickly expand your system.

PERFECTA schemat

Quick configuration from keypad

Direct access to all service mode functions of the control panel is possible from the keypad. Therefore, individual settings can be changed quickly and easily, without having to use any configuration program.

Easy configuration from PC computer

You can also configure the system by using the PERFECTA Soft program. Its intuitive interface will guide you step-by-step through the stages of creating the system.

PERFECTA schemat
PERFECTA - strefy


The system based on the PERFECTA control panel can be divided into two detection partitions. Each of them can operate in one of three modes, which are independent of each other. This gives the whole system more extensive configuration options, typical of more advanced solutions.

PRF-LCD keypad

The PRF-LCD wired keypad has a large, easy to read LCD display that provides convenient operation and full control over the system. The user is informed by audible signals about selected events.

LEDs which indicate the status of the entire system have been provided above the keypad display. Buttons intended for quickly entering the desired armed mode and triggering alarms (PANIC, FIRE, AUX) are included in the set of buttons of the keypad.

The keypad allows the user to easily check the status of funds on the SIM card (in PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels).

PERFECTA schemat

Solutions used in the PERFECTA control panels will be appreciated by professionals – both those who focus on known and proven traditional systems, as well as expecting additional, modern functionalities.


Wireless control

The heart of a wireless instalation is the PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA32-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL LTE or PERFECTA-T 32-WRL alarm control panel with a built-in 433 MHz radio module. It enables encrypted, two-way wireless communication with PRF-LCD-WRL keypads and MSP-300 R sirens, which offer full functionality of wired devices. The same module also allows for the inclusion of MICRA family wireless detectors into the system.

Specifically for operation of these control panels, the MPT-350 keyfob, having extended range and buttons with programmable functions, has been developed

PERFECTA 16-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL, PERFECTA 32-WRL LTE and PERFECTA-T 32-WRL control panels, together with wireless devices, can also be connected to wired devices, e.g. the PRF-LCD keypad or any detectors and sirens. In this way, a hybrid system is created, which makes it possible to even better match of the system components to the characteristics of the premises to be protected.

Mobile application

Control of the alarm system by using mobile devices is a solution whose popularity cintinues to grow. Therefore, the PERFECTA CONTROL application was created for remote operation of PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels.

Functionality of this application makes it a convenient tool to control the system and to check the status of partitions, zones and outputs. It also allows you to view current troubles and all events in the system.

PERFECTA - Android i iOS

  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - menu główne
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - Menu główne
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - Menu główne
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - splash screen
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - Menu główne
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - Menu główne
  • PERFECTA-CONTROL - Menu główne


The PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels have an integrated voice messaging module, offering the possibility to define 16 messages. There is also a module on the control panel mainboard, which enables communication via mobile network. It supports two SIM cards, which provides additional security in case of signal loss. This module makes it possible to monitor events to stations via mobile data transmission*, SMS and audio channel. Each of these methods can be used independently of the others; it is also possible to define the priority of their activation.

PERFECTA - cechy* data transmission via:
– GPRS for PERFECTA control panels
– LTE / HSPA + / EDGE / GPRS for PERFECTA LTE (depending on the capabilities of the cellular network)

PERFECTA-T control panels have a built-in PSTN telephone dialer, which can be used to perform event reporting, voice messaging as well as audio alarm verification (listening to the sounds from a protected facility).

Secure connection

In the case of PERFECTA and PERFECTA LTE control panels, the rich functionality of the PERFECTA CONTROL application and PERFECTA Soft program can be used safely through the SATEL connection setup service. It provides encrypted communication without the need to have an external IP address or carry out actions related to advanced network configuration.

Tehničke karakteristike


Control panel

The PERFECTA family control panels are designed to protect small and medium-sized premises, such as apartments, detached houses, segments of terraced houses, offices, small businesses, etc. They provide protection to the requirements of EN 50131 Grade 2.

The system based on the PERFECTA 32 control panel is characterized by quick installation, simple configuration as well as easy and intuitive operation. In addition to the basic, traditional control, the control panel also offers more modern methods: by using the functional and intuitive PERFECTA CONTROL application for mobile devices or remote control keyfobs operating in the 433 MHz frequency band (after connecting the INT-RX-S module).

The built-in GSM/GPRS module provides a wide range of features: interaction with mobile application with support for PUSH messages, remote configuration using the PERFECTA Soft program, reporting events (e.g. to the monitoring station security agency), voice messaging, control via SMS and audio verification (listening in to the sounds from the protected premises). Two nano-SIM cards are supported to ensure continuity of communication: if any problems occur with the first operator range, the second card is automatically selected.

The control panel electronics board is provided with wired 8 zones and 4 outputs. Their number can be increased by connecting the extension modules: INT-E zone expander and INT-O or INT-ORS output expanders. This allows you to expand the system by adding more detectors, sirens, and even actuators (to control the garage door, roller shutters, garden sprinklers).

The control panel enables the object (premises) to be divided into two partitions, with three armed modes to select from (day, night, full). Each zone can be assigned to one or both of the supervised areas.

The system can be configured in two ways: using the intuitive PERFECTA Soft program (from a computer connected with RS-232 (TTL) cable or remotely) and from a keypad, using shortcuts in the service menu.

  • compliance with EN 50131 Grade 2
  • from 8 to 32 programmable wired zones:
    • selectable configuration: NO, NC, EOL, 2EOL/NO, 2EOL/NC
    • support for roller shutter detectors / vibration detectors
  • from 4 to 12 programmable wired outputs
  • 2 power outputs on mainboard
  • built-in modules:
    • GSM/GPRS with 2 SIM slots (SMS, reporting to monitoring station, mobile application, PUSH notifications)
    • voice (playback of voice messages for telephone messaging purposes)
    • audio alarm verification (listening in)
  • system division into 2 partitions:
    • 3 detection modes in each partition
    • optional assignment of each zone to two partitions
    • user control or timer control option
  • communication bus for connecting keypads (PRF-LCD), expansion modules (INT-E, INT-O, INT-ORS) and 433 MHz keyfob receiver expansion module (INT-RX-S)
  • system control by using:
    • PRF-LCD keypads (up to 4)
    • PERFECTA CONTROL mobile application
    • remote control keyfobs operating in the 433 MHz band (up to 15) – requires cooperation with the INT-RX-S module (PERFECTA 32 Firmware version 1.02 or higher)
  • firmware updates available
  • passwords:
    • 15 user codes
    • 1 service code
  • editable names (of users, partitions, zones, outputs and modules) for easy control and supervision of the system
  • timers:
    • 8 timers with exceptions setting capability
  • memory of 3584 events
  • automatic diagnostics of main components of the system
  • built-in switching power supply:
    • overload protection
    • battery deep discharge protection
    • battery charging current control
  • programming control panel settings:
    • locally ‒ keypad, computer with PERFECTA Soft program installed, connected to the control panel RS‑232 (TTL) port
    • remotely ‒ computer with PERFECTA Soft program installed, connecting to the control panel via GPRS
EN-50131 GRADE 2 - certificate

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