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Detektor pokreta Satel OPAL Plus. Dualni MW + IR . Digitalna obrada signala. Najmanji mikrovalni detektor na svijetu sa anti masking funkcijom. U ovaj model ugrađene su sve dostupne napredne tehnologije koje ga čine pravim izborom za one koji žele najbolje.Nosač u kompletu.


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The OPAL series detectors provide excellent
outdoor protection for buildings of various types and uses. These
devices will also perform very well as indoor protection in industrial
facilities, where difficult or special environmental conditions prevail
(e.g. in halls, under umbrella roofs).

The OPAL Plus detector is additionally
provided with a dusk sensor to control OC output, which allows it to be
used also in alarm systems with home automation – without having to
install any extra dusk sensors. The signal from the low-current output
can be passed directly to the relay located in the electrical
switchboard or to the home automation controller. The detector can also
interface with the KNX system via a control panel of the INTEGRA series.
Thus, the OPAL Plus functionality allows you to easily and conveniently
control, for example, the roller shutters, exterior lighting of the
building, garage door or entrance gate, as well as select the moment of
operation through fine sensitivity adjustment.

Detection range

The OPAL series detectors are characterized
by a detection angle as wide as 100 degrees and a range of more than 15
meters. Also, as the look down zone is protected, any intruder’s attempt
to sneak by to damage or pull off the device will be detected. In
addition, the detector software has been designed so as to prevent
triggering false alarms by the movement of small pets.

Immunity to adverse weather conditions

The OPAL and OPAL Plus
incorporate PIR and MW technologies. The dual technology, combined with
the algorithm of detector auto-adaptation to environmental conditions,
ensures high immunity to false alarms and, consequently, stable
operation in harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, sunshine and
strong gusts of air. The ambient temperature changes are automatically
compensated. Resistance of the detectors to extreme weather conditions
have been confirmed by long-term tests. The devices offer correct
operation within a wide temperature range from -40°C to +55°C.

Detector design

High quality of the OPAL and OPAL Plus
detectors is a result of combining state-of-the-artanufacture the enclosures for OPAL
detectors, the two-component injection technology is used. Through the
combination of polycarbonate and thermoplastic elastomer,
a splash-proof, IP54 rated design has been created. This enclosure
protects the detector electronics against factors having an adverse
effect on it, including rain, snow, fog omoisture. The OPAL and OPAL Plus
detectors are also characterized by high mechanical strength and
resistance to UV radiation, so the external appearance of the devices
remains unchanged for many years


Useful features and extras

Remote sensitivity configuration

A big help for the OPAL Plus
installer is the function that makes it possible to remotely change
sensitivity of all detection paths and dusk sensor using the OPT-1
keyfob. This makes the detector control easier and eliminates the need
for repeatedly opening the detector enclosure to change the settings.
The keyfob, supplied from a CR2032 battery, allows you to make several
thousand adjustments.

Mounting methods

Design of the OPAL series detectors enables
them to be mounted directly on a flat surface, e.g. when the pet
immunity option will be used. If, however, the detector needs to be
mounted at another angle for the optimum coverage of the protected area,
you can use the BRACKET C set of dedicated brackets.

The ball-joint bracket allows you to swivel
the detector in two planes: up to 60° vertically and up to 90°
horizontally. This makes it easier to find the optimal position relative
to the protected area. However, if the premises require that the
detector be set permanently at an angle of 45° relative to the wall, the
angle bracket can be used.


For the devices to be installed outdoors, it
is extremely important that safety and reliability of their operation
be guaranteed. Therefore, the above mentioned brackets are designed so
that the cable by which the detector is connected to the control panel
is running inside them. As a result, the whole system is both secure and

Protective hood

Where the detector must be additionally protected against weather and soiling, the HOOD C GY.
protection can be used. Installation of this protective hood is
extremely easy – just mount it directly on the detector enclosure with
two snap catches, without using any tools at all.

Tamper protection

No matter what type of bracket you are going to use, the OPAL
series detectors will always be protected against being opened and torn
off the mounting surface. This is possible owing to the two tamper
switches located on the PCB and one specially designed tamper contact
that can be mounted in the ball-joint bracket or on the detector back
wall (if the angle type bracket is used).

Anti-masking in microwave technology


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