Elektroprihvatnik R5 Narrow AC/DC. Sa MEMO i BLOCKER funkcijom.

Elektroprihvatnik R5 Narrow AC/DC..Ugrađena MEMO funkcija i blocker on/off..  Odgovara za sve tipove vrata : standardna metalna i drvena  i za uži profil kao ALU ili plastična.




Basic technical data

external housing dimensions: 16,5 x 29 x 68 mm
weight: 0,13 kg
allowable thrust on the door at ratchet release: 30N (3 kG)
allowable load of the door impacting the lock: 3000 N (300 kG)
rated voltage U: 10 ± 2V *
allowable uninterrupted operation time: 30 min.
ratchet: adjustabele within the range of 3 mm, which allows for door clearance adjustment
* with bell transformer


The interlock version – acts in the same way as the basic version, but has an additional ratchet interlock function, thanks to which, when the interlock lever is moved, the door is left open permanently, without the use of an electronic pulse. When the interlock lever is moved back to its original position, the lock works as in the basic version.
This version may be used in rooms, where temporary unblocking of the door may be sometimes needed within working hours, i.e.: in office or services areas. When working hours are over, it is possible to block the lock again, whereby access to the premises is controlled by means of an interphone set system.

Internal memorythe internal memory function operates on the internal spring component and does not require a precise arrangement of the strike in relation to the door lock tongue. The memory function makes it possible to open the door without the use of a key. When the electrical pulse is released using the uniphone button, the lock “memorises” it, which means that it unblocks the ratchet until the door is open. When the door gets closed, the memory is cleared, and the lock returns to its original status.
This function can be used:
– when the user wants to leave the room without using the key or the knob;
– when the user has several doors to go through, he or she can unblock them all with a single, short electric pulse;
– when the entry procedure is prolonged.

NOTE: If the door is not opened, the ratchet (and thus the door itself) will also remain in its unblocked status.

When working, the lock gives out a low, humming noise.

Current consumption

Voltage U 8V 10V 12V 8V 10V 12V
Electric strike version Alternating Current (AC) [mA] Direct Current (DC) [mA]
R5 300 420 500 380 480 600


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